Attested and authenticated translations by a sworn translator of

  • documents, deeds, certificates, records, references
  • contracts, legal texts (all types)
  • annual reports, financial statements, financial analyses, balance sheets
  • business reports, business plans, press releases
  • due-diligence studies
  • company presentations, marketing materials, advertisement texts, websites, flyers
  • correspondence
  • real estate business texts
  • speeches, publications
  • minutes, reports
  • interpretation services at meetings, conferences and events of various types


Authenticated translations with a digital signature: more information

We provide certified and approved translations (German>English and English>German) with a digital signature so you can send your translated certificate via e-mail.

You can archive a translation with a digital signature in your computer and send it to as many recipients as many times as you like at any time later in your life. We charge 30 € (net) for the digital signature in addition to the cost of the translation and the certification.

To find out about the costs of the translation, just send your text via e-mail or fax (0049-(0)531-77035).
If you have questions, please call (0049-(0)531-77011).