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Dr. Thormann Business English and German provides the entire scope of business German language services, primarily translations of business and legal texts and courses in 'German as a Foreign Language'.

We offer professional translations of business and legal texts of all types such as contracts, financial statements, business reports, business plans, press releases, due-diligence and feasibility studies, market research reports, marketing materials, websites, real estate texts, publications of all types.

We will help you by providing a mail address to get you started in Germany, we will establish a business network for you in Germany and put you in contact with the best service providers for your particular needs.

We take care of your German correspondence, we will adapt your advertisement and public relations strategy to your German target groups.

We also offer courses in 'German as a Foreign Language' particularly in 'Business German' for executives including courses with no or very few 'face-to-face' courses, but rather comprehensive tailor-made e-mail exercises and telephone conversations to improve your staff's communicative competence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us (>contact).