Your business success in Germany is our top priority

  • Virtual office in Germany for you:
    We help you establish a 'first presence' in Germany - in a matter of weeks; to get started, you can use us as your virtual office in Germany;
  • First contacts, network, German service providers:
    We arrange your first contacts with German authorities, potential new customers, politicians etc. in Germany and work as an 'interface' between you and your German business contacts;
    we provide a network for you to tap, consisting of service providers such as German marketing experts, trade fair service providers; we find property, staff, tax advisors and accountants, lawyers, IT experts for you;
  • Translation and interpretation services:
    We provide all translation and interpretation services at special, favorable rates (category GTG = 'Go-To-Germany' customers); we translate, or - better - localize your website, your balance sheet; you name it;
  • Activity plan:
    We establish an 'activity' plan with you and for you, including a 'to-do list', subdivided into 'to be done by us', 'to be done/to be considered by you';
  • Itemized cost estimate and bill, monthly report:
    We itemize and list all planned activities for a cost estimate; we charge you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis including pre-negotiated lump sums or on an hourly basis with an exact itemization of services in accordance with the 'activity plan'; we submit a monthly report listing all actions taken on your behalf;
  • Avoid the pitfalls:
    We understand the country, its people, culture and intercultural specialties; we help you avoiding the pitfalls and making costly mistakes in the course of setting up your new subsidiary - getting it right the first time;
  • Language lessons in German:
    We provide highly effective and modern lessons in German as a foreign language for your executives by means of a non-classroom, 'on the job' method including E-learning;
  • Trade fairs:
    We assist you regarding representation at German trade fairs (e.g. CeBIT, Leipzig and Frankfurt Trade Fair, IAA).




useful links:

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